Giving is powerful

Giving is powerful

In my belief, giving is so powerful. 

I remember after I graduated from my university, I went to work for a small company like other people. At that time, I tried to work hard and also helped some friends with my skills for free. One of them gave me an opportunity. She guided me to build a website and sell a few things on that. Fortunately, it worked.

It changed my life.

After that, I quit my job and opened my own company. When I was looking for an employee, I just thought I could give someone a chance to make them better with my company. I realized my mission is to help others become better, day by day. Then, we’ve got a great team, like a family.

Nowadays, I think that “we can only give away to others what we have inside ourselves”. So, that’s why I have to learn more to give more.

Giving makes me happy. That’s it.

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